Sonntag, Januar 02, 2011

2010 is over

Happy new year everyone!

Aren't you glad it's a new year? I am! 2010 has been a very tough year for me. I had really high hopes for it to be the best year of my life, with beeing pregant and having babies after all. It did not work out that way, I'm afraid.

Actually 2010 has been the most challenging year of my life. Facing cancer was a breeze compared to how I felt last year. I've never been so devasted in my whole life. But I got thru that rough patch with the help of my beloved husband, my great family, good friends and a good therapist. Lesson learned: If you are unwell, get help, even it that means to step out of your comfort zone. I'm so grateful that you all were with me during that time.

2011 just can get better. The kids are doing fine and handling them is routine by now. Of course there will be new challenges with the two ahead but I'm more comfortable in my new role of beeing a mother (plus they are not that tiny anymore). I'm already taking a lesser dosis of my medication, so I hope, that by the end of March I will be off meds. (Which will be great. As helpful as they are/were they have the side effect of making me hungry. All.the.time! Not that great!

Christmas was really nice but a tad too much for the kids. We had our close family over for lunch/tea on the first day of Christmas. We were 15 people and somehow nearly everybody was fuzzing over the twins, not leaving them alone for 5 minutes. Of course that meant, that the two were over the top at bedtime and for the next days ( I spend the monday after christmas at mit in-laws, so that my SIL could see the twins again before heading back to southern Germany) and that was entertaining the twins all the time too, even if they did not need any entertainment. I think, that is something they need to learn. Leave the kids to themself for some time.

I got some nice crafty stuff for christmas inclunding a selfmade storage box from Ute, but I forgot to take pictures... Sorry.

Between Christmas and New Years I got a big big parcel from Sarah and I remembered to take pictures.

And that is just half of the loot :) But isn't already great? Awesome totebags (from the Shetland Islands and Knit Nation!) A book on British Sheep breeds, some cool dyed yarn from Estonia, linen lace yarn on a cool metal cone and some Regia Sock yarn.

Funny christmastree ornaments were also in the parcel (they were put on our tree immediately), a lovely smelling soap, that is already in use, a sheep pin and stitch markers (since mine are disappearing all the time).

Last not least a shawl pin and some more lovely stitch markers. I'm so spoiled :)

I hope, you will all have a great 2011. May it be a happy and healthy year for all of us. And remember: if you are not well, get help! (and you ladies out there: get your annual mammogramm/check at the ob gyn. Mine first is on January 13th :) )


yasmin hat gesagt…

I wish you a very very Happy 2011 :)

(And my appointment is on Jan. 17, I am having half-yearly tests for HPV since I had it in pre-cancer-stage in 1995.
It had developed in the six month since the previous appointment back then, so please, keep your ob/gyn apppointments!)

Sigrid hat gesagt…

I was so sorry to read that you were having such a difficult time. Sincerely wish that you have a much better 2011. Being a new mother (and certainly of two at once) is not the easiest time, keep taking your time and enjoy and rest as much as you can.

nowaks nähkästchen hat gesagt…

Next year it will be great if your family wants to entertain the twins. Because then they will be able to run in two different directions and it is great to have enough people ready to follow them while you relax on the sofa. ;-)

Happy New Year!