Freitag, März 11, 2011

Knitting content

and you thought, this would transform into a cooking blog :) Nope. I've been knitting quite a bit actually but some things need to get to their final destination first :)

But here's what I've been working on:

Holden 1.0

Sarah-Jane sent me an incredible Valentine-parcel (which I did not take a picture off. Bad blogger, no cookies...) that contained (beside some great Koigu-yarn) 3 skeins of Habu Textile Silk in a lovely brown colour and with a great sheen to it. I was totally in love with the yarn and set out to find a pattern for it, that wasn't tooooooo complicated since I mostly knit in the evenings, when I'm very very tired (since the twins mostly wake up around 4-5 a.m. and sometimes the night is over then. No, they don't sleep thru the night, yet). So Holden was a perfect choice. A main stockinette body with an easy lace edge to keep my interest.

Unfortunately I discovered, that the brown and my complexion just don't match. Even with the black eye (update on that below :) ), so I send it to Sarah-Jane as a thank you (in hope, that it will suit her better :) ). Luckily she likes it :)

I really enjoyed making the Holden, so I made another one :), this time from deep deep stash (Fleece Artist. I got the yarn in a destash from Bockstark Knits 2008 or so)

The green is also not my best colour but it's more blueish than yellowish.

For a friend, who got a baby daughter in January I made another Baby Yours. This time I altered it to be seamless (see my ravelry notes here) Again modeled by M. :
As you see, it's pretty wide but my kids are very slim (they just don't eat well...) and the 6 month size is waaaay to wide. I'm planning to knit them the Baby Mine cardigan for their christening and I'm going to use the 6 months width and the 1 yr lenght :)

I had a hat emergency last week. Our favourite hat (made by Maria) was getting too small! So I knit E. a Buzzbee-hat myself. The only yarn in my stash that matched the requirements was an Alpaca-blend. So I made a size large, since I so hope, that Spring will be here soon and they don't need warm hats for a longer period of time (they are going to wear cotton hats instead...). The pattern calls for a 50gr ball. I used 27 gr (but I made the ties to short. I had read the whole pattern first and somehow 11.5 cm stuck in my head not 20cm. 11.5 cm is another measurement in the pattern but for a completely different step.... Still I don't think, that I would have used 50gr...:)

And lo and behold. The hat is too big. It will fit next winter though (since it does fit ME!)
Here's E. modelling it:

Still very very cute. The yarn is GGH Cumba, which is a very lovely wool-alpaca-poly blend.

So, these are all my finished projects. I have a pair of plain vanilla socks on the needles but that will have to wait for another post.

Q/A: Katharine asked about the insulation qualities of crocheted potholders. Actually I don't like them very much. Mostly because they tend to be too small for my big hands. I usually use these sewn gigantic gloves since I tend to be a bit clumsy and they keep me from being burnt on a regular basis. What I remember though, is that they do keep the heat off quite well. But I just don't crochet...


Mary Beth hat gesagt…

Your babies are absolutely gorgeous!

FrauSchlamuser hat gesagt…

Deine beiden Mädels sind soooo niedlich! So hübsche Kinder!
Nochmals herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Liebe Grüße,

Isabelle hat gesagt…

Beautiful knitting, Tini! Your shawls are *stunning* - both of them. And what can I say about your babies... They're so beautiful! Both the cardigan and the hat are gorgeous.

Annika hat gesagt…

What sweethearts your little girls are! Love the hat, cardi and especially the shawl. I MUST learn to knit one of those shawls...

pretty ´n pink hat gesagt…

AAAwwwwwwww!!! E. and M. are sooooo cute!!!
Ich schließe mich mal meinen Vorrednern an... ich wiederhole mich sonst ja nur.

Liebe Grüße vom
NDR 1 Hörer
Anja :)))))