Mittwoch, Juli 06, 2011

has it been a month?

Wow, time flies by so fast at the moment. DH is on parental leave and we are doing a lot of projects around the house. Plus I've been in the UK to visit Sarah-Jane and to go to Woolfest in Cumbria with her, Malin and Barbro. (Check out their links for more pictures of our adventure :) )

So, what have I've been up to recently?

I made a doll dress for my godchild
(sorry, for the blurry picture)

It's a free pattern from the internet but I need to search the link as I don't have it on hand at the moment. It was an easy project but A. likes it very much ("my faaaavourite colour!!!")

Next I made 2 project bags for a swap on ravelry:
Again:sorry for the craptastic pictures. The twins are standing up now and reach EVERYTHING, so taking pictures is something I usually do in a hurry before they can reach the things I want to take pictures of

This bag is made from a free pattern by machwerk. (At least I could provide you with the link for that one :) )
And this one is Alma by madhatter, a great ebook. I've made a couple now and I use mine all the time!

But I've also been knitting like a madwoman:

Pattern: Sam by Cookie. A from "sock innovation" (great book)
Yarn: Lorna's laces Shepard Sock Multi

I have to admit, that is not the pattern I intended to knit with the yarn. I wanted to make Wanida (also by cookie a. from the same book!) but I had opened the book on the wrong page and just noticed my mistake when I was done knitting the first leg and was wondering why there wasn't any patterning going on on top of the foot. I was pretty sure that Wandia has patterning on top of the foot, so I checked... go figure. I do like my Sam socks :) and it was too much work to rip it ;)

Pattern: Akimbo by Stephen West
Yarn: Wollmeise 100% in "oh Tannenbaum" (main yarn) and some plantdyed BFL that was living in my stash.

The yarn also had another form before :) I had started a KAL on ravelry for some mystery socks by Yarnissima but just did not like the sock at all, so I frogged it and made Akimbo which I really really love. It's one of Stephen Wests lesser known designs but o so great and pretty easy (if you are not me and have to cast on 5 times because you can't get your head around on how to M1R and M1L because they "don't look right....!")

I've started knitting a sweater (sahara by Wendy D. Johnson) and another pair of socks but don't have pictures yet. I hope to post another post with cooking pictures soon too!


Summerset hat gesagt…

Pretty things! Nice to see that you're having a little time to make things again.

KayB hat gesagt…

OMG - you really are/were busy! Quite the opposite of me, and I am not having two little ones to look after. :-)