Samstag, Juli 30, 2011

to grant credit

So, a couple of you know, that I work in the finance busines but that isn't what I've meant with the title.

I stumbled over this thread on Ravelry about Kiva is an oranisation giving out microcredits to borrowers all over the world. You can lend from 25 USD upwards to a project you choose. It's not a donation but you are granting a credit, so you get (most likely) your money back. Yes, there's a chance of loosing the money but I figured out, I could happily live with the loss of 25 USD.

So, I helped granted a credit for a young woman on the Philipine islands helping her buying pigs. The credit runs for 5 months and I plan to lend the money to the next project if I get it back.

Feels good :)


Joyce in NC hat gesagt…

I've been a KIVA lender for over a year now. It is a wonderful feeling to help some struggling person earn money to support their family. Kudos to you for joining.

Annika hat gesagt…

I've been a KIVA lender for about a year, too. Isn't it the coolest thing that we can help others in this way?