Montag, September 05, 2011

15 minute challenge

First: Thank you Valerie and Rebecca for your thoughts on my pullover. It's in the time-out corner at the moment, since I can't bring myself to work on it again. Valerie, do you have any more information on the shirring? Somehow my brain can't work it out...

And now to the title of this post. Somehow I lost my sewingmojo during pregnancy and it has not come back yet. I've been sewing a bit here and there but with very little output. I need to change that and I hope, by working on some ufos and starting a new project for 15 minutes a day for 4 weeks I will get some mojo back.

Today I will start by clearing up my sewing table and threading my serger with the yarn I need for the top that is 80% done.

I will keep you posted but I guess every 3 days or so, since I won't bore you with teeny tiny progressreports


Nähenswert hat gesagt…

Hi Tini,
fang doch mit kleinen feinen Sachen an. Entweder für E und M kleine Lederschuhe oder eine TAsche für Dich :-))


Rebecca hat gesagt…

15 min a day - what a good idea. me food for thought
good luck

pretty ´n pink hat gesagt…

15 min. täglich ist eine super Idee - die ich nach dem Urlaub bestimmt nachmachen werde!!!!


Valerie hat gesagt…

Hi Tini, I hope you will get your sewing mojo back soon. In regard to the shirring - the elastic is bought on rolls and then used in the bobbin of your sewing machine. Here is a link
You can buy it online
With knitting you could use a similar method but sew it into the areas you want to tighten by hand, through the back of the stitches.

Katharine hat gesagt…

That's a good idea. With twins naturally your time commitments have changed. My DS is two weeks old now and with DD 18mos they keep me busy. It is much harder with two the same age.

Isabelle hat gesagt…

I saw you mention this in the Fluffy Fibers group. Sounds like a great plan - doable and not overwhelming, and at the same time, you will end up making progress.

karin hat gesagt…

I got my mojo back and so will you, but I would skip the UFOs at start and make something new instead