Samstag, Oktober 22, 2011

Twinneedle: Episode 3: To tired to sew (CONTEST!!!)

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Work in Progress

Instead of knitting more socks for Socktoberfest I cast on

Hitchhiker by Martina Behm out of some handspun (by yt, roving by Spinning Martha a christmas gift from Madhatter)


Eiki by Janel Laidman (who also designed the lovely Rivendell Socks!) out of the two yarns, that I used for my Akimbo by Stephen West

Finished stuff

My Trellis is done!! And by now I had E. modelling the sweater (12 month size, E. is 15 months, can you tell she is very skinny?) I think she looks totally adorable in it :)

The waves and piers socks are also done but I need to take a picture.


No spinning but I had problems with my swatch for the Vineyoke cardigan and my skew socks...


Still sewing the same skirt as last episode but I'm making progress and I talk about how I made a pattern for the lining


We went to see the peditarian and E. is underweight. Please keep your fingers crossed, that she does not suffer from celiac disease

Made in Europe

I talk about MariaDenmark new shop and she has kindly offered to sponsor a contest. To win two patterns from just leave a message here on the blog or become a member our my new Podcast Group on Ravelry (If you read this before October 23, Maria has a coupon for her shop up as well, so you can save 15% I'm going to order Onion 2034 to take on our cruise)


I talk about our cruise and give a Shoutout to Carrie from Knitpurlgurl


Kerstin hat gesagt…

Die Jacke ist ja extrem knuffig. Ich mag Zöpfe stricken! ;)
Aber ich bin momentan eher im Schalfieber. *ggg*

Dhanu56 hat gesagt…

That sweater is absolutely gorgeous and does fit him well. BTW, he is sooo cute.

Hillevi3 hat gesagt…

Wunderschöne girl and cardigan :)

Silke hat gesagt…

Hi Tini!

jetzt hab ich´s auch endlich geschafft und bin mit allen drei Folgen durch. Sehr nett zum Zuhören, Du hast eine schöne Erzählstimme :-)

Wie wäre es mit einem netten Jingle, um die einzelnen Themen voneinander zu trennen?

E. ist total süß, und das Jäckchen auch. Ist das nicht irre wie die Mädels wachsen?
Ich glaub, ich hab´ "heimlich" Zwillinge; aus dem Böhnchen könnte man zumindest zwei machen...voll der Mops. Wird Zeit, dass ich auch mal wieder ein Bild poste.

Liebe Grüße aus HH,


Karen M hat gesagt…

Darling sweater! Please put me in drawing.

BJ hat gesagt…

The third podcast is the best yet! Many interesting topics, and your English, as always, is wonderful!

If you ever have a question how to pronounce an English word, you can look it up on this web site:

This is the source that most people in the US use to look up the meanings and pronunciation of words. The pronunciations are according to the way people speak in the US; I don't know if there is such a site for a British authority.

I am always trying to learn more German and get better at my German, and I would hope you would let me know if I said something not quite right, so I wanted to let you know that although I understood what you meant, the word "Catholic" in English is pronounced "CATH-lick" [only two syllables]. We Americans are always slurring our words, aren't we? And we will never get the hang of the u with umlaut, will we? LOL

I also wanted you to know that churches in the US are supported entirely through donations, mainly what is taken in through the collections in the pews during services. (Religious schools might get some government services, depending on which state.)

Likewise, churches pay no taxes, but there are strict rules about what kind of activities a church can participate in, in order to remain non-taxed. That is, a church cannot endorse a particular candidate for election or give money to a particular candidate.

Some people in the US still dress up for church (Hi Summerset!) but most people wear very casual clothing. Some people are bothered by this. I don't know, it's kind of expensive to maintain suits [for a man] or nice dresses/shoes [for a woman]. Lots of people can't afford dress clothes. I think it's better to go to church, people should leave you alone about what you wear and just be glad you are there.

Your daughters are waaay cute! Did you find out about the celiac yet?