Donnerstag, Oktober 06, 2011

Twinneedle Folge 2: Aliens

I did it :) the second episode is recorded and uploaded!

The episode is here or you can find it via itunes!

Work in Progress


Still knitting on the Trellis cardigan and the waves and piers socks for my Dad but made good progess!

And I'm swatching! Next on my needles will be Skew from Knitty and maybe (if I got row-gauge) the Vine Yoke Cardigan by Ysolda Teague (Twist Collective)

I'm talking a bit about Socktoberfest and the big bad socktober ssk on the stash and burn group on ravelry


I finished making my muslin for my Simplicity 2451 skirt and did cut out the "real" skirt


I did no spinning at all. Shame on me.

Life in Germany

I talk a bit about Plum Butter and Laternelaufen

Made in Germany

I wax poetic about my favourite spinning supply online store: Das Wollschaf

Chit Chat

First two shout outs to
Susanne from Handgemacht (link to her English Episode)
and to
Rebecca from Work in progress

Shame on me, I forgot to mention Isabelle on the podcast. I will do that in the next episode. SORRRRY! I'm still so nervous...

And I share some exciting news :)

Twin Talk

Why my kids seem to be aliens :)


Knit Purl Gurl hat gesagt…

I am really enjoying your podcast! My oma's family came here (to the US) and opened a bakery. Much to my oma's dismay, I never learned to speak German and have lost touch with many German customs. So I think of her when I listen to your podcast. Also, I LOVE that you talk about knitting, sewing, and your kids. :) I hope to learn to sew someday soon. Great episode!

Hillevi3 hat gesagt…

Thanks for the second episode Tini! Yes, I would very much like to hear more about Germany, I think it would be nice if you do a Deutschland Generalia Segment in every episode! Listning to your cutting and sewing adventure made me laugh, sorry ;) I can see that cat having fun...

Isabelle hat gesagt…

I really enjoyed listening to your German-specific segment; and thank you for the recipe! The hazelnut-covered apples recipe sounds yummy, too.
I had to laugh when you mention how your cat found fabric cutting time was the best time to play - P'tite Mignonne is also a very sedate cat, *except* when I'm cutting fabric.

Thanks also for the shop review. It sounds really nice.

Good luck with your teething babies... *hugs*

And congrats on the cruise! Wow! I do hope they are understanding about the babies.

文章 hat gesagt…

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