Mittwoch, April 11, 2012

Podcast: Bonus episode: Fit for real people

Thanks to Maria we have our first Bonus episode today. An interview about the fit for real people method!
You can find the episode here or via itunes.

Here are Marias shownotes:

I do an introduction and talk a little bit about the
Palmer Pletch system and tissue fitting.

I also introduce Celia Banks

We were in Århus (the second largest city in Denmark)
The book we are talking about is Fit For Real People
You should also chose the pattern size by your high-bust measurement

Celia lives in Warrington (near Liverpool and Manchester)

The most needed alterations are Round shoulders – also known as forward shoulders and Full Bust Alteration
Celia was working on a Sandra Betzina Jacket

Tini is on Ravelry and patternreview
Maria is on Ravelry and patternreview and twitter
Tini’s blog is
Maria’s blog is
The podcast has a group on Ravelry

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