Mittwoch, Mai 23, 2012

chinese noodles

A bit ago I listened to the knitmoregirls podcast and they have launched a spring cleaning contest and I thought, that would be a great idea to tidy up my sewing room (no, I'm not posting any pictures of the chaos ;) ) and I started working on getting it organized in bits and pieces and it's still pretty chaotic since it seems that I springcleaning for me means, that I have to re-skein the yarn from a frogged sweater (this one by the way) and wash it, to get lovely unkinky skeins again.
So here are my yarny chinese noodles and some of the lovely skeins I got from it.

Other news:
I've been sewing. I'm making a simple bag for the legs of our IKEA baby high chairs (those are detachable) out of an old pair of jeans (see, spring cleaning in it's fullest ;) ). It's very quick and dirty made but it will do it's job. No picture yet though....

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