Mittwoch, Mai 09, 2012

Is this thing still working?

Hi everybody,

sorry for my long absence but with podcasting, working and spending time with the twins it seems, that blogging fell behind. Plus I felt, that with writing shownotes (if that happend) I told everything about my crafting life and then there's the issue with pictures. I love reading blogs with great pictures but my pictures are always crappy. DH just is not interested in taking great pictures or make an effort to make them at least a bit interesting. So my pictures are kind of blah and seeing all the great pictures on other blogs make me kind of cringe when seeing mine.

Since the podcast has it's own blog now, I think it's o.k. to write here again showing my crafty things, even with crappy pictures since I don't know, how many of you actually listen to my podcast (and how many still read this blog).

So, what has been going on with me? I started working again as of August 2011 and it makes me really happy. I'm working 16hrs a week and my Mum is taking care of E and M. So far it's working out just great. The girls enjoy spending time with Grandma and I think, my Mum enjoys it too.

E is really starting to talk and that makes life a lot easier (the last year was so much easier than the first. Walking and sleeping thru most of the night makes a big difference for me). Sometimes it's a bit of guessing. It took a while to get the meaning behind "blibla" (Spielplatz = playground) and the girls get a bit annoyed, that Mummy is so slow on getting things....

My sewing is still very slow going. I'm still working on the quilt for my sister but since I rarely sew, progress is very little and I can't even show you the work I've done so far, since my BIL reads the blog from time to time.

But I've been knitting like crazy. There are a lot of things, that I've finished but some still lack a picture (again uninspired husband...). So, I'm just going to show you my 3 Euro summer top:

(yes, the  picture is blurry, but it was the best I got... And I need to loose weight....)

The pattern is ZigZag Top by Marianne Isager and the yarn is "Stahlsche Wolle" Silk-Cotton, that I got for 50 Cent a ball at my lys in the bargain bin. I only paid 5,00 Euro for 10 skeins and I have some left. I already wrote to the owner, if she had more, so I can make another one, this time making it a tad smaller!

I hope, that I'll get back to blogging more often! See you soon!


MariaDenmark hat gesagt…

I like your top! Good work!
You'll just have to teach the kids to photograph you :-)
No, don't your camera have a self timer function?
That'll help you to get pics!
HUgs and love!

nowaks nähkästchen hat gesagt…

I like the top and if you loose weight there will be nothing left of you. ;-)

And I still do read the blog, I have no time for podcasts. (Plus at work people are talking to me most of the time, so I find reading more relaxing than listening again...)

KayB hat gesagt…

Oh.. nice to read from you again. The top is cute, and I don't mind looking at your pictures... it's still better than having no picture at all!! :-)

Annika hat gesagt…

Great looking top!