Sonntag, August 19, 2012

Still spinning

geeesh, sorry for the long absence again....

Were did I leave off? I guess during Tour de Fleece since I can't figure out how to post without taking pictures and since I don't have a smartphone, taking pictures requires getting the snapshot camera out and taking pictures plus getting them onto the laptop, cropping them and uploading them here.

So I didn't post....

But I managed to get quite a bit of spinning done. Not all is spun up, that I had piled up in the last picture but a lot. I need to finish 3 more bumps of roving (or better parts of them) and ply them together and I'll be done with enough (hopefully) yarn for a sweater for me :)

Last week I had the great fortune to take an Art Yarn class with Frau Wo aus Po and I had so much fun, esp. with the drumcarder. If only we had a) more space and b) more money and c) more time, I would get one myself and make myself all kinds of fun batts.

I made 3 yarns. Two with coils and one corespun:

It was also fun to see, what the others were making. Each yarn was so unique
And it also was great to take a "day off" and just concentrate on beeing crafty. Although the kids are getting bigger and are starting to play "on their own" with me just "supervising", it's unlikely that I can spend more than 15 minutes uninterrupted when they are awake...
Here are two more pictures, lovingly borrowed (and used with permission) from Frau Wo aus Po.

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