Freitag, November 23, 2012

Time flies

Hi everybody,

sorry for beeing absent AGAIN for quiet a while. Anybody still out there? I don't know what happened, I had so many plans for blogging but I guess with doing 2 podcasts I'm kind of out of words plus I'm just not sewing much at the moment, so I have very little to share and then I do see all those great pictures on other blogs and I feel kind of underwhelmed with my ability to take good pictures (and I can't blame that entirely on my point-and-shoot camera.

Anyhow: I promise to be back soon and I will have something to show :) AKA I need to get my hair cut, so that I can have pictures taken without looking too frumpy....

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Kathleen C. hat gesagt…

Whenever you're ready... blogging should never make you feel pressured, it's supposed to be fun!