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Easy bread using buttermilk

Hi everybody,
sorry to have been off radar. It seems, that podcasting totally killed my blogging mojo since I feel, I need to save my crafty adventures for the podcast. But the last few months I've totally been on a baking kick. Esp. the bread baking kick and I think, I might share a few things with you. Most recipes are in German (and the flower here has a lower ablility to bind liquid, so if you are in the US, you might want to add a bit more water).

Today were were out of bread and I forgot to set up my sourdough yesterday evening, so I decided to make a yeast-based bread using buttermilk (or in my case quark, but that is not readily available outside Germany, so I'll give you the buttermilk recipe instead:
But first a picture (I took a class by the way and I hope, that my pictures will get better and better over the time)
The original recipe can be found here and I will give you my variation:
550gr wheat flour type 550 (that is a very white wheat flower but not the lightest available here, it's a good bread flower)
50gr wholemeal spelt flour
200gr light rye flower (type 1050)

200gr cold water
200gr quark
(OR 400gr buttermilk)

20gr fresh yeast or 7gr instant yeast
120gr warm water
16gr salt

Mix all ingredients and knead for 8 minutes  (I use a kneader, that has plenty of power)
Let the dough rest for 20minutes
Knead a little and form a boule and place in a batton (or a colander, that you lined with a kitchentowel, that is well floured). Let the dough rise for 90-120 minutes, until well risen.
Preheat the oven to 250°C (heat coming from top and bottom and no ventilation on) about an hour before putting the bread into the oven. Put the backing tray into the oven
Put a pan onto the bottom of the oven.
After the dough has risen, transfer it to a sheet and then onto the tray.
Put a cup of water into the pan onto the bottom of the oven to make tons of steam to help the ovenspring.
Bake for 15minutes, then open the oven, remove the pan (be careful!) and let the steam out.
Lower the heat to 200°C and bake for another 45 minutes.

The bread is VERY mild in taste, for my taste maybe a little too bland but than I love love love sourdough bread. I might add some spices next time. The crumb has small holes and is very moist.

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