Sonntag, April 13, 2014

Vintage Jeans

So, after finishing the second dress for the rockstars

I decided it was time to sew the Jeans pattern I had fitted in Aarhus in Febuary this year.

The pattern is Kwik Sew 407 and it was printed in 1973. It was gifted to me in 2008 or so by my dear friend Annika from the US. The pattern is printed on heavy paper and in pristine condition, just lacking the instructions, so I have to guess the way the pattern wants to be assembled. But it's no hard work.

Since I had tweaked the pattern so much, I had to re-draw the front pockets. I think, I did something wrong there, since they are coming out huuuuge. Maybe it's to counterbalance the tiny back pockets.

The fabric is a twill fabric, that I have no recollection of buying whatsoever. It feels, like it has been in my stash since the pattern was printed, but since I started sewing just 20 years ago, I guess not. I don't even like the colour brown. It's a cool shade of brown though, so I hope it will go with the rest of my wardrobe For the topstitiching I simply threaded two strands of sewing thread thru the needle. So much easier than buying topstitichingthread. I even have plenty of brown thread in my threadstash (letting my head hang in shame since I really do have a threadstash as well), so it's good to use at least a bit of that (plus the weird plushy nylon that I certainly bought in the early days of ebay).

So far I have assembled the fronts (making the pockets), sewed the saddlepart to the back and topstitched it. Added the pockets to the bag and inserted the fly front zipper. As always slow progress, but I'm happy to sew a seam here and there and I hope to finish the Jeans before May.

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Da bin ich gespannt! Auf jeden Fall bis August fertigstellen, bitte :)