Samstag, Mai 03, 2014

Using up sockyarn scraps

I'm still working on my "It cannot fail to please" pullover and have finished the body up to the armholes and I'm working on the back for now. The decreases are done, I have to knit a repeat and then knit some more plus the shoulder shaping.

But somehow I lost steam on that. Mostly I knit 2-3 rows per day but that is less stitches than one round of the body...

I think, I got sidetracked, since I made a cowl (zuzu's petals. Looks like a shawlette but is a cowl) out of handspun yarn. Great pattern since it showcases the handspun really well and doesn't take much meterage!

(the pictures are crappy tablet pictures, sorry!)

And now I'm working on a pattern that uses up odds and ends of sockyarn. It's more a recipe than a pattern but I really enjoy blending in the different colours!
The pattern is Blender and here's mine
See, I have the attention span of a cookie....

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