Samstag, Januar 24, 2015


Obviously I'm in a time sucking vortex or something (o.k. the kids are down with Bronchitis, so that might be a clue why I haven't had time to do ANYTHING) so the pictures from Christmas are still on the camera.

A bit of knitting has happend though and I'm also sewing a bit for "Fasching" (that is something typical to Mid- to South Germany not so much for the North, where I'm living. People get dressed up and party a lot. There are parades and stuff.) for the kids. M. has decided she want's to be a magician but in a fairy kind of way (I told her, if she wants to dress like a princess she can take on of the 4 princess dressess she has.

E. want to be a wizzardess in a fairy kind of way (not to be confused with a magician fairy! Totally different although the dresses will be fairly the same but to her it's important, that it's not the same). Again no picture.

But I took a picture of my current knitting project. I'm working on Hitofude by Hiroku Fukatsu, available for 1,74 Euro via ravelry. It's a steal! It's a well written pattern and there are tons of finished objects on ravelry.

I'm knitting my Hitofude out of Wolle Rödel Micro Uno a fingering microfibre yarn, that I got for free from a fellow knitter (only had to pay for the shipping). The yarn is very soft and very slippery but has a great sheen and I hope it won't pill too much.

I have no idea why the picture has different colours to it. Sorry for that

I'm at repeat No. 10 out of 11 and those are both sleeves, which are knitted at once in one piece.

At the pace I'm knitting I guess it will be well into spring before I can wear it. Still I'm already thinking about the next sweater. I'm weird like that.


Julimond hat gesagt…

Liebe Tini
ich muß immer lachen, wenn ich dein Blog übersetze, da kommt ein Kauderwelsch raus ;-)
Aber im Original kriege ich noch weniger mit.
Trotzdem schaue ich immer mal rein.
Das Muster sieht total klasse aus und ich fürchte, das wäre auch ein Muster, welches mir gefällt, ich liebe ja so feine Muster und ich glaube, das ginge auch bei meiner etwas sehr ausladenden Figur. War gleich bei Ravelry gucken.
Viel Spaß beim Karnevalskostüme nähen für die Mädels, jedenfalls habe ich das so verstanden.

fifa-munzen hat gesagt…

In dem Tempo, ich stricke ich denke, es wird gut in den Frühling zu sein, bevor ich sie tragen. Noch bin ich schon Gedanken über die nächste Pullover. Ich bin komisch so.

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