Mittwoch, April 08, 2015

15 minutes a day

The last few years I've been knitting more and more and sewing less and less.
I guess with the kids, it's just easier to sit down in the room where there would be just fighting, if I don't sit there

(I know that for sure, since there's still something called housework and while DH is doing his share, I work part time and my share therefore should be a bit bigger. If I "indulge" in housework

o.k. if I do the dreaded housework/laundry/whatever, at some point there will be fighting between the girls and sometimes it's just easier to be there and they then play well together without hair flying thru the hair  (don't laugh, that has happend a few times). But I admit, that I sometimes flee the living room go upstairs and let them play and they are coming upstairs if things got broken or somebody got hurt. They have to learn it eventually and I know, they do posses the skills to get out of a fight without me beeing around.

But back to the topic: I really want to get back to sewing. I have tons and tons of fabric and tons and tons of patterns and I need to make them before the kids grew out of the "cute" fabric or the patterns, that don't go up to the bigger sizes plus my wardrobe is lacking shirts/dresses and skirts. O.k. skirts not so much but I have that cute skirt pattern here and I really want to make that one.

So I set myself the goal to sew 15 minutes a day or do something sewing related like pinning, copying patterns or even pressing the fabric. Small steps! And so far I'm enjoying that (todays sewing related thing will be the writing of this blog post).

I even took pictures a few days!

Currently I'm working on burda 9458, a downloadable pattern from
It's a pattern for a coat/jacket for little girls and I'm making summer jackets for the twins (who btw. have the internet name "rockstars". I'm going to tell that story another time)
I'm not using PUL since the two do already own softshell jacket but I'm making the jackets out of plain cotton using a rayon for the lining.

So here are the pictures. M. is going to get the toadstool(?) fabric and E. choose the red fabric for her jacket. Both are getting teal fabric for the pocketplackets and the lining of the hood. I opted for a hood since it does get windy here.

So far all the outer fabrics plus the lining of the hood are cut and next will be cutting the lining but I have to "make" a lining pattern first, since the original jacket is unlined per burda instructions.

And of course Greebo had to help. And while sewing yesterday the twins wanted to help as well, so they were allowed to cut up all the leftovers I had no other use for

It's also great for using fine motor skills. And finetuning those is always useful, in my opion.  

And then there was some mending. It feels, like once I finish one thing from the mending pile, there are 15 new things added to the pile, so I'm trying to finish one thing a week!

That's for now but tomorrow is another day!

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