Mittwoch, April 22, 2015

Smart Days

Do you know that feeling?
There are smart days, were I can sew EVERYTHING without a single mistake and then there are not so smart days.
I admit, I had a few of those lately. I think, I'm kind of out of sync with sewing and need to get back into it.
Like when I was sewing the pockets for the girls jackets. I was annoyed, that there wasn't a pattern for the pocket lining, when the instructions clearly said "sew lining to the outer fabric". So I folded the facing over and added s.a. and voilá pocket lining pattern. Or so I thought.
Wrong! Obviously I should have drawn a line where the facing met the rest of the pattern and cut out that with s.a.. Of course that dawned on me, when the 2 pockets I had already made turned out wonky and big. So I recut everything and sewed 4 cute little pockets. Only that I forgot to leave an opening to turn everything inside out.

After the pockets were done, I started on the pocket flaps. Those also looked pretty big, so I refered back to the pattern. Plus they did look pretty familiar sizewise. Turns out, that there aren't any pocket flaps but that the flaps were the pocket lining.

Next: Tab in the back. Forgot to leave an opening AGAIN.

I decided to work on the hoods instead. I haven't sewn something straight to a curved edge in ages. I admit, one of the linings has pleats in it and will forever have those pleats. One hood is completely done, the other just has the lining. I'm currently sewing all the teal pieces and the outer fabric of one of the jackets is red. It's easier not to rethread all the time but finish everything teal (the red jacket has a teal lining as well).

To make a long story short: I messed up and that is, why the only picture you get today is this
(see you in a week)

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