Donnerstag, Juni 11, 2015

More boring sewing but exciting knitting

Hello everybody,
the weather has turned to be more summerish here in Northern Germany. It's not that it is REALLY summer but the sun is shining and I spend a lot of time outside with the kids, so my sewing time is even more limited and I also spend the evenings sitting outside or I'm just so tired, that sewing isn't really an option. Plus my mending pile isn't that inviting, but I'm perservering and I managed to mend/alter 4 more things this week. I'm getting closer to see the bottom of that box

At the moment I'm mostly working on the shirts for the twins, since I have my coverlock threaded with pink yarn and that kind of matches most of the things in there. There's also a pair of tights that need darning but I might take those with me to Denmark to work on something at the beach. I've decided that once we go to Denmark it will be warm and summery there ;)

Since my sewing is so boring, I thought I'd show you something a lot more exciting. As I mentioned, I'm working on Stutzen by Amanda Scheuzger. It's an awesome knit. Seeing the pattern evolving is so addictive. Actually it is so addictive, that I'm not working on my Looking back by Joji Locatelli and I need to work on that. It seems a bit small. I'm at the point were the front and backs are joined and I want to knit a couple of rows after that and then wash and block it. Once it is blocked I can try it on and see if it will fit thru the shoulders. If not, I'm going back to square one and redo my math.

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