Sonntag, Februar 21, 2016

Another mending post

Somehow my mending pile is always there, no matter how often I mend. Lately it seems that a lot of trousers/jeans are getting holes at our house. And not just the kids jeans, my husband also is very capable to getting holes into his jeans.
As we try to limit the things we throw away I got back to putting patches onto the holes. But a) it's boring and b) tedious sometimes.
So I thought about how to make the patches more fun (at least for the kids. I don't think, my husband want's fun patches after putting the fabric I used for the kids jeans below on his.... I bought gray corduroy for the next pair my husband wears thru). And I remembered a fellow sewist making reverse appliqué when making a quilt. So I looked up reverse appliqué on jeans but I couldn't find a tutorial so I went with what I thought would be right and I think, the jeans came out cute, although my second daugther already told me, she wanted patches with unicorns on them....

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