Sonntag, März 20, 2016

Me and bread

sorry, not Brad ;) but bread.

I love bread. I love eating bread (if it's still warm, just with butter). I love the crust and the smell and everything about freshly baked bread.
Ever since I got my sourdough (I tried to make my own sourdough starter but I failed at that a couple of times) I bake most of our own bread. I went down that slippery slope and now I do have about 20kg of different kinds of flour at home at most times (wheat, rye, spelt and some old varieties of grain).

Yesterday and Friday I baked the following things

Einkornwheatbread with Quinoapops

and last but not least an eggless blackberry cake (I collected the blackberries during the autumn and had them in my freezer) that was supposed to be a blueberry cake. I thought I still had blueberries in the freezer but it seems, that I didn't. My friends told me, that the blackberries were a good substitude though (I didn't try it, since this year for lent I don't eat sweets)

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