Samstag, April 30, 2016

Homemade mustard

When going thru my freezercontent I remembered, that I still had some frozen cornel cherry puree from last autumn, when my friend harvested her cornel cherry tree and traded some of the puree for a homemade bread.
Cornelian cherry trees are pretty common as decorative trees in gardens here. The fruits are edible but the pits are pretty hard to get out. My friend has a technique using her kitchen mixer. I need to talk to a) her, how it is done and b) my neighbours next year, since they have a tree in their garden and don't use the fruits.

After making blackberry and cornel cherry jam I still had plenty puree left. The puree itself is pretty tart but has a really high Vitamin C content ( like a local superfood) and I ate some with applesauce adding a little sugar. Even the kids had some, since the puree is reaaaaaally pink.

So, what to do with the leftovers? After making quince mustard last autumn I decided to make cornel cherry mustard.

Making mustard is really easy. You need

a food processor or a coffeegrinder
a spoon for mixing
table and teaspoons
a scale
clean jam jars for storing the mustard

white/brown mustard seeds
cherry puree

I used this recipe

To make the mustard, you need to grind the mustard seed and the pimento really fine  using the blender. I admit, that I used finely ground aniseed and put the star aniseed into the picture because it looked so nice.

 Next  mix everything together and leave the mixture open overnight for fermentation.
Fill into the jars and let the mustard ripen for about 3 weeks before tasting. The mustard is realls strong at the beginning and gets mellower over time.

The colour will turn more brownish over time.

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