Montag, Juli 25, 2016

Summertop with no name (yet)

Hi everybody,

I hope, you have a great summer! Ours was really wet so far, but the last week came around with nicer weather and my urge to knit a summertop resurfaced. A top, that I design myself, that is.

In 2008 I bought some 100% silk yarn at ArtFibres is San Francisco. Undyed silk yarn that is. A very unflattering colour on me. Why did I buy it? No idea, maybe it was the sheen.

So I overdyed it:
I used Procion MX cold reactive dyes to preserve the sheen. As you can see, that worked well.
Next step:

I used a croquis from Tracing Real Body Models, which helped a lot, but still I can't draw a bit. I think the box pleat isn't well drawn but mostly it's for me to remember what I had envisioned.

Now I'm swatching.

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